Exclusive Report by Totally Speedway Ford 6cyl x-flow hi rise rocker cover

A Solution to a long term problem

A special report in the spot light section in the totally speedway mag found that Clarko’s Performance now has hi rise rocker covers to suit the Ford 250 / 4.1 cross flow 6 cyl alloy and cast iron cyclinder heads, rather then adding a spacer to the EFI styles or having to cut up 2 steel rocker covers, why not just have a purpose made cast aluminium hi rise rocker rocker to suit the application?

Benefits – these are made to clear the rolla rockers
- the cover is supplied with both pcv and breather cap grommets
- has cast in cone style breather shrouds

To prevent oil leaks from rocker cover spacers and the time it takes to cut up 2 tin rocker covers to avoid the issue of the rolla rockers hitting, lets face it this is really a 1 stop solution solver.

Check out the Totally Speedway Product spot light December 2011


To find out more CLICK HERE



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