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Ford 6cyl X-Flow Highly Modified intake manifold review

Ford 6cyl X-Flow Highly Modified manifolds – still look OEM

Ford 6 alloy head crossflow manifolds that are available on a change over basis,These will out flow you average x-flow manifold as we have done the testing. They have a port variation of around 3 CFM on all 6 cylinders. OEM STD approx 10 CFM diference. These highly Modified intake manifolds flow around 25% better than the stock manifolds. They are suited for classes where a visibly standard Ford manifold is required. They are not cheap as there has been many hours gone into the R&D time & jiging to produce them.

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Conditions – I will need your old std manifold posted to me, the extreme make over gets done, then i will post it back to you


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Holley Air Bleeds – By Clarkos Performance

HOLLEY AIR BLEEDS – By Clarkos Performance
Clarkos Performance has a variety of Holley parts and also does the methanol Holley carburetors, manily for 2bbl Holleys in the speedway world.
clarkos Performance - air bleeds
These brass Holley adjustable airbleeds are great for Holley tuning and Holley performance gains. Fantastic  for Holley air fuel mixture adjustments when on methanol
Can be used in

– 750 Holley
– Holley 350
- Holley dominator
- Just about any Holley

Clarko has the gear and the tools to be able to install
clarkos performance air bleed installed
Once you remove the Holley aircleaner you then can see these adjustable air bleeds, they tuck in nicely to the Holley choke tower
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