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Why does this Sprint car Wingless Sprint Bracket works …….

Clarkos Sprint car Wingless sprint bracket
Why do they work?
Manufacture listens to the Sprint car racers and there issues with their current problems in the wingless sprint car racing parts on the market, from other suppliers. So Clarko takes the time  and developes with the Sprintcar racer to achieve  they really want and need  (win win for all)

Why do they work?
- Made from light weight aluminum
- They fit no rework required
- Made to suit std & over sized Pulleys (also made from clarkos performance)
- Can be found on race winning wingless sprints Aussie wide

Clarko Performance how engine looks
access to productto find out more info about this product please click on this link


CLARKO Wins Feature at BIS 23.1.10

CLARKO raced at Brisbane speedway last  Saturday  (23.1.10)

Here are the updates:

1 st race – DNF dur to car to noisy
2nd race – 2nd (1st in A grade) with 1 flat tire
3rd race – 1st

Feature 1st had a pretty good night but clarkos car is just going over the noise limit (has been no change to car so figure that). Check out video above for more action! :)

HOLDEN vs. FORD: Battle from the back on Conway’s race car

Riding with a well know speedway name, Steve Conway with his 18 year old LJ torana, at BIS speedway where there is a great battle of holden v’s ford:

Mr Conway tests and puts clarkos performance parts to the test just about each week. :)

Clarkos Performance on board Steve Conway’s Race Car

Steve Conway is an avid fan of Clarkos Performance race gears and parts. As you can see in this video the race gear is 100% tried and tested, much more pushed to the limits. Isn’t that amazing?!

In Steve’s race car are Clarkos Performance popular pulleys, bead locks, carby, machine works and much more. I hope you enjoy this video! I did! ;)

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