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Holden 6 Blue motor manifold HP PLUS !!

Holden 6 blue motor after market performance manifolds that work !!

Looking for a after market holden 6 blue motor manifold that will flow better then a std manifold

I know there is not much on the market for holden 6 blue motor however that has now changed

Here is the answers you have been looking for
- Has been flow tested by ME and all 3 runner flow even
- Has a unique internal arrangement for optimum performance
- Cheaper then cutting up and re welding
- Affordable, race tested and proven

Because there is no real tyre smoking manifold on the market, hence why this Holden blue 6 manifold was created

As long as you have a TUFF holden 6 and you have a manifold issue this manifold will give you more bolt on power


you can modify the tabs that holden the manifold to the head and can use it on a red motor head, as what we have seen done before as this holden 6 intake manifold also works well on a holden red head !!!

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Free dvd to watch to find out more …………


Ultraflow intake manifolds suit holden 6 red and blue

Are you looking for the ultimate holden intake manifold for your Holden 6 RED & Blue engine?
Then look no furthure, These ultrfaflow manifolds have been designed, dyno, tested and proven, can be used for road and race applications.
Have been used on many speedway devision including super streets and more
these holden manifolds are avaliable to suit red and blue heads


Manifolds are shipped C.O.D. Via Australia post.
Clarko will contact you to confirm your orderand payment will be required at the post office when you collect your shipment.

For all email inquires click HERE


To PURCHASE your ultraflow holden RED manifold CLICK HERE
To PURCHASE your ultraflow holden BLUE manifold CLICK HERE

50mm / 2 inch Aluminium bolt on wheel spacers

50mm / 2 inch Aluminium Bolt on wheel spacers

Are you looking to space out the wheels on your speedway car?
Clarko now has 50mm / 2 inch wide bolt on wheel spacers to solve that problem!!
Rather then have many spacers, and extra long studs, which can and has lead to failure when racing, Clarko now has 50mm / 2 inch wide bolt on wheel spacers.

Bolt on wheel spacer 50mm HOLDENBenefits
- very easy to install (please watch video below)
- made from solid billet aluminium for strength
- have shipped straight to your front door for convenience

These spacers are avaliable in
- Ford 5 stud to Ford 5 stud
- Commodore  to Commodore

Wheel stud information
Wheel studs are not provided, click on the link below for stud info
For Ford click here
For Holden Click here
or you can use ARP Part # 100-7703 but you will need to drill out the holes to suit the knurl

I Guarantee you!  That installing this bolt on wheel spacer will offset your wheel and solve that problem you have

To view OR order your  50mm / 2 inch bolt on wheel spacers and other bolt on wheels spacers


How to install the bolt on wheel spacers ?

Contact web

For all email inquires click HERE

Bolt on wheel spacers 35mm & 50mm

Clarko just wants to inform you that we NOW have a exciting new product on the market, that you, the racer have been asking for by phone, email, or in chat. However, I am  letting you know that the 50mm bolt on wheel spacers are now avaliable!!!, They are avaliable in
- Ford 5 stud
- Holden Commodore

50 mm Wheel Spacers
- Great for off setting the wheel for speedway cars
- Made from Billet Light weight T6 Aluminum
- Has a spiggot to locate the rim on the front
- Has a spiggot on the back side to go over axle
- I myself have tested and proven this product
- To read more about this product and wheel studs part numbers


Clarko also has 35mm bolt on wheel spacers avaliable
- Holden Commodore
- Ford 5 stud
- Holden HQ


Clarko has also put a video togeather of the wheel spacers.
- Difference on the 35mm and 50mm
- How they look on the car
- How to fit to the car


For all email inquires click HERE


Clarko would also like to say a very big thank you to MILLERS TOOLING for their support to Clarkos Performance race car this season, Anyone chasing

- Engineering equipmet
- Measuring equipment
- Engineering consumables

Or anything to do with the Engineering world feel free to contact MILLERS TOOLING
Clarkos Performance uses Millers Tooling in all our manufacturing processes, as they deliver hi quality and fantasic price, use the equipment they race winners use !!!


As time goes on I will update my website with incar videos, bloggs, new products, what’s new and much more.
you have my contact details
email –

feel free to check out my web site, email me if you have any questions, requiring products that cant by else where any feed back would be great and feel free to purchase on line
Thanks Clarko

Holden Red 6 Head is back with new upgrades!

Clarkos Performance has exclusive access to After market holden red cylinder heads



Cast iron XU-1 heads have been fetching a premium on eBay and finally someone has been motivated enough to make new castings. Aussies are world renown for their resourcefulness and Ian “Moo” Moodie is one of our quiet acheivers who grew up under the influence of engine builder Ron Richards at the Brisbane Engine Centre. Just a couple of the customers who “Moo” has ported heads for while at BEC were the XU-1 heads that went onto the late Grenville Anderson’s XU-1 speedway torana as well as the Cleveland heads that went onto Dick Johnson’s blue and green falcons.
Rather than duplicating the XU-1 castings exactly with all their inherent design flaws, “Moo” has improved the head so there is 1/4″ of metal under the water jacket and beside the intake port. The intake ports are modelled after the best flowing red head Ian has ever done. Already there are currently 15 customers waiting (as per March 2009) to hand over $3500 (excl.GST) for the finished heads. Geoff Truscott, who is doing the machine work, is held in high regard by many for his quality workmanship. The heads are cast in Queensland with the factory part number and are indistinguishable from the original.

“Moo” was behind some killer Ultraflow Ford manifolds a few years ago. If you have got a Ford powered by a 250 six, a second-hand Ultraflow manifold is still a magic bit of gear. Locally Brett Mathews uses an Ultraflow manifold with a Steve Gay ported stock valved head in the Outlaw speedway class to lap $20’000 metho burning V8′s. Brett’s cast pistoned 250 bottom end comes from the wreckers and has done about 100’000kms. The Ford six with a Pipemax designed 6 into 1 set of extractors has one of the most unusual, distinctive and beautiful exhaust I have even heard. :D

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