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Why are Sprint Car racers wanting THE LIGHTEST Wingless crank adapters

Wingless Sprint car CRANK ADAPTURE (Lightest in Australia)

Australias Lightest sprint car crank adapture has been designed/ tested/ proven to give, you, the racer the advantage on your competators and a no hassle instulation.

I personaly have bolted up and used the other crank adaptures on the market, so i do know first hand what you are experiening. Trying to do up those nuts with no room to swing that spanner, having to do them up in a pattern so as the nuts dont bottom out on the back of the adapture, taking forever to fit the dam adapture, and taking bark off your fingers in the mean time, plus i have seen realy life cases of where other adptures have come loose simply because you couldn’ tighten up the bolts properly, so i know exactly what expierences you are having, as from being there and experiencing it myself.

Because i have seen and experienced the pain, frustration and some results that you have had with some crank adaptures, Clarko and a well know wingless sprint car racer decided enough was enough and decided to upgrade this wingless crank adapture, This wingless sprint car racer uses Clarkos crank adapture on all the engines he recos and sends around Australia,

Why Clarkos adapture?
- Have the lighest crank adapture on the Aussie & New Zealand Market
- Use socket head cap screws and have access for a inhex socket so you can torgue up the bolts
- Able to install in minutes
- No more frustration when installing
- The first production run were sold in hours of being avaliable
- Have market confedience
wingless crank adaptureNow that you know the Clarkos wingless sprint crank adapture is avalaible with all these extra features, Designed, tested, race proven, and can be found on race winning wingless sprint cars throught Australia and now haveing that extra advantage on your competators of being the lighest on the market with all the problems now eliminated, and being snaped up with in hours of being avaliable in the market place,
Why were Clarkos Sprint car wingless CRANK ADAPTURES almost sold out in just hours of being avaliable?

Clarko also has a range on Wingless Sprint race parts
- Methanol Injectors
- Crank adapters
- Engine mounts
- Aluminum Pulleys
- Steering wheels
- Power steering brackets
- coil mount
- top flange for throttle body
- Aluminum ans steel sumps
and a whole lot more

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