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Exclusive Report by Totally Speedway Ford 6cyl x-flow hi rise rocker cover

A Solution to a long term problem

A special report in the spot light section in the totally speedway mag found that Clarko’s Performance now has hi rise rocker covers to suit the Ford 250 / 4.1 cross flow 6 cyl alloy and cast iron cyclinder heads, rather then adding a spacer to the EFI styles or having to cut up 2 steel rocker covers, why not just have a purpose made cast aluminium hi rise rocker rocker to suit the application?

Benefits – these are made to clear the rolla rockers
- the cover is supplied with both pcv and breather cap grommets
- has cast in cone style breather shrouds

To prevent oil leaks from rocker cover spacers and the time it takes to cut up 2 tin rocker covers to avoid the issue of the rolla rockers hitting, lets face it this is really a 1 stop solution solver.

Check out the Totally Speedway Product spot light December 2011


To find out more CLICK HERE



Clarko – Gympie speedway for 30-30

Clarko – Hollyman team up for 30/30 at Gympie speedway (may 2011)

Gympie speedway held a 30 30 for modified production in may 2011, which saw over 20 cars attend
just as the feature for the super streets was nearing completion the sky opened up and rained so the 30 30 was cancled

speedway gympie track

Never seen the Gympie track before it was a eye opener the track had a hill, hair pin, dipper and a dog leg never seen anything like it before
so this was a test,  Clarko and Luke had a ball, the car was set up for Brisbane speedway where the track gets real rutty , so we were chasing car set up at the new track. Due to rain on the last event the 30 30 was not run :-(

Clarko would like to thank the crew at Gympie for there help
Luke Hollyman, Jason Beer and crew, Matty (the baby oil man) and crew, Kim Lucas, Peter Watling

next event Brisbane june 2011 for the 50 lapper

To see what race parts clarko has for sedans, amca, wingless sprint  Clarkos Performance

A snip from the weekend

Totally speedway interview with Clarkos Performance

Totally speedway  interview with Clarkos Performance

Totally Speedway magazine – Daniel Powell catches up with Dave Clarkson from Clarkos Performance. As alot of people are using the word Clarkos Performance around the speedway track, on page 46 of totally speedway mag april 2011 you will find what all the talk is about and how to contact Clarkos Performance ……


Clarkos Performance wins A Grade 09/10 season points

Clarkos Performance wins the 09/10 season points for Claub sedans
Its been a interesting season, lots of twists and turns and hi lights, however Clarko and his Ford EL have takin the 09/10 season points.
Clarko would like to thank a couple of people for the help to success, Bruce and Randel Edwards, Kim Lucas, Steven Conway, Jayden C,  Kymmy, Darren lester & Greg Mahar
Clarko would also like to thank
Millers tooling – For all your engineering supplys
Rod Mckeon – for all your photo work with the web site
Oven U - house hold oven cleaning services
GT auto – for a welath of racing knowledge
Ultraflow manifolds -
pictures from the event
race car 236 race car 285


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