Holden 6 Blue motor manifold HP PLUS !!

Holden 6 blue motor after market performance manifolds that work !!

Looking for a after market holden 6 blue motor manifold that will flow better then a std manifold

I know there is not much on the market for holden 6 blue motor however that has now changed

Here is the answers you have been looking for
- Has been flow tested by ME and all 3 runner flow even
- Has a unique internal arrangement for optimum performance
- Cheaper then cutting up and re welding
- Affordable, race tested and proven

Because there is no real tyre smoking manifold on the market, hence why this Holden blue 6 manifold was created

As long as you have a TUFF holden 6 and you have a manifold issue this manifold will give you more bolt on power


you can modify the tabs that holden the manifold to the head and can use it on a red motor head, as what we have seen done before as this holden 6 intake manifold also works well on a holden red head !!!

To find out more CLICK HERE

Free dvd to watch to find out more …………


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